Hat debut at Barney's New York
"Creative Chance meets to form Shape"
New York Weekly   September 4, 2004  written by Mayumi Hirano
            @Like the pigeon that springs out from the silk hat, or the girl who wears a pointy hat riding the broom through the sky, hats urges our imagination to work; making reality and fantasy a little closer together. These wondrous hats are also created by Hasegawa.

             Yuka Hasegawa started to get noticed around the 90's. Whenever Hasegawa had an idea in her mind, her mother; who was a skilled dress maker; made her ideas into reality. After she came to America since her mother is not around (which she casually asked her to make her dresses); she felt she wanted to acquire the skills like her mother. Thus, she stepped into FIT to acquire the knowledge of dressmaking. On that same day, her skills where regarded highly and was permitted to enroll. Three years later, she was selected participated in the international contest which was held in Beijing as the representative for America

            "I get my inspiration while playing around with the fabrics. The image starts to form in my head and I would wrap the cloth around myself in front of the mirror and start scissoring away."  I tend to not make things that are premeditated, however; I create my pieces through the inspiration at that moment. I have been making my hats and cloths for myself, friends, people I met in the streets...something that is one of a kind.

              This one of a kind hats where then caught the eyes of a buyer from Barney's New York. In August, her hats where in the stores starting from New York, to@Chicago and Los Angeles. Recently, she received an order of total of 50 hats. She comments "To be honest, I was exhausted making 50 hats." Making a one hat takes approximately two weeks. Since her intention is not to mass produce, she makes her hat one by one through the inspiration she gets at that time.

             In opposing to her comments "It is not fun to repeat making the same ones", she is sometimes faced with the business side of aspect, where she is requested to mass produce a certain product. She comments "I do not want to lose myself through the business aspect, which is centered on money" with a charming smile.

              "When a hat is worn, a little bit of thrill creates a spontaneous chance. This triggers the idea to flow through my mind "As she states this, she is wrapped in her own artwork and walks off energetically through he streets. It seems Hasegawa's hat has a magical power to evoke confidence to its wearers.