Frau 2005

"Add a great impact on chic dresses with Yuka Hat"

FRAU Japanese High Fashion Magazine, Oct. 25, 2006 written by MIo Kikuchi

N.Y. collection for S/S, 2005 started out brilliantly Bryant Park in September 9, 2005 with top designers, top models and famous celebrities from all over the world. Boy George wasfound wearing a original hat in such a vital place. This hat he wears was designed by Yuka Hasegawa who designed hats for his 2005 S/S collection. She is getting popular and is the object of all American people's attention as a designer. Yuka's hat worn by famous celebrity customers such Britney Spears and Scarlett Johansson; in addition, fashion designer, Anna Sui. The fur hat which Britney Spears favorite is used luxurious rabbit fur and has very comfortable touch. The most of her hat are made to order, but this hat can be purchased at Barneys New York in New York. You can be a stylish and fashionable wearing this hat.