"Boy@George is a fan of her design.
Supplying at BARNEYS NEW YORK"
New York Weekly Nov 26 2005 written by Ryoichi Miura

Yuka Hasegawa is an artist and hat designer living in NY. When she wears her hat and clothes she made and walks on the street, people are always inspired by her design. Boy George is a one of them who loves her design. He praised her and said at his photographic exhibition "Yuka's hat is very eccentric and sensational." Afterwards, Yuka has designed hat for Boy George NY collection of Spring/Summer 2006. In addition, her hut was admired by buyers at Barneys New York when she was wearing her hat on the street and now it has been selling nationally at Barneys New York department store. Yuka's designs were discovered not only by Boy George but also Britney Spears, Scarlet Johansson, and Anna Sui, etc were fascinated by her hat. Yuka's hat is been sold at Soho and high-end select shop in Madison Avenue, NY as an haute couture hat. She has made a success in NY where has a lot of competition with many artists from all over the world. In addition, to her well-known and established artwork, Yuka recently expanded her creative talents to hats and accessories, with the same fervor of her art and clothing a design and in doing so, Yuka is rapidly gaining recognition in the couture world for her high fashion, wearable arts and accessories. Yuka Hasegawa was born in the historical city of Kyoto, Japan. She grow up with a high environmentally aware of furnishings influenced by her grand mother who is a fashion conscious and her mother who is a great with sewing. After graduating Doshisha University in Japan with a BFA, majoring in English Literature, she satisfied her yearnings to bring more cultural qualities into her art and decided to move to New York City. Yuka studied fine art, at the School of Visual Arts in New York and started to have a solo shows every year in Japan since 1990. In 1992, she received a scholarship from Kyoto Rotary club to study Aborigine cultural history and art works is Australia. Then in 1993 she studied graphic arts, via a scholarship from the Salzburg Fine Art Academy in Austria where she also studied under the famous graphic artist, Jan Voss. In 1997 she returned to New York and finished a BFA course in fashion design, via a scholarship, at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Yuka has had extensive media coverage in such prominent media including fashion magazines, also her artworks have received prestigious awards and acclaim since 1994, from well known competitions, including the Grand Prix, National Association of Women Artist, Japan water color award of the Museum of Tokyo among many others. Yuka always keeps designing one of a kind like an art piece in mind. From now on Yuka is planning to make a publishing her art book and t-shirts about cat.